Tax Bookkeeping Outsourcing

  • Bookkeeping and preparation of fiscal books in accordance with current legislation;
  • Calculation of indirect taxes (ICMS, IPI, PIS, COFINS, ISS, Simples Nacional, and others);
  • Calculation and analysis of taxes on imports of services;
  • Calculation of withholding tax (IRRF, PIS/COFINS / CSLL, INSS, ISS);
  • Completion and transmission of ancillary obligations: DCTF, EFD-Contributions, EFD-ICMS / IPI, EFD-REINF, DIRF, GIA, SINTEGRA, DeSTDA, SEF PERNAMBUCO, DECLAN, DOT, DUB-ICMS, DAPI, DIME, and others;
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