• Admission and termination of employees;
  • Payroll processing, pro-labore, trainees and freelancers;
  • Determination of taxes, labor and social security charges (FGTS, INSS, IRRF, GRRF, SINDICAIS);
  • Issuance of monthly pay slip, generation of the bank file for payment (CNAB) and income reports;
  • Accompaniment of the rescission homologation (Labor Union / Ministry of Labor).
  • Calculation and control of the holiday concession;
  • Domestic Payroll (e-Social),
  • Completion and transmission of payroll obligations: e-Social, GFIP / SEFIP, RAIS, DIRF, CAGED, EFD-REINF);
  • Monitoring and application of Labor Collective Agreements and Conventions;
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