Payroll Audit And Consultancy

  • Audit of the processes of admission and termination of employees
  • Audit of Payroll, pro-labore, trainees and freelancers
  • Audit of the calculation of taxes, labor and social security charges (FGTS, INSS, IRRF, GRRF, SINDICAIS)
  • Audit of vacation calculations
  • Audit of the Domestic (e-Social) payroll
  • Audit of payroll obligations: e-Social, GFIP / SEFIP, RAIS, DIRF, CAGED, EFD-REINF)
  • Audit of the application of Labor Collective Agreements and Conventions
  • Attendance at labor inspection and social security inspection
  • Advisory in the implementation of e-Social
  • Regularization of labor and social security debts for the issuance of the Negative Debt Certificate
  • Advisory in the implementation of procedures to comply with labor standards
  • Requests for restitution/compensation of INSS (PER/DCOMP)
  • Implementation of electronic point, issuing reports and export the file to the payroll
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