Audit And Fiscal Consultancy

  • Audit of direct and indirect taxes
  • Electronic tax audit (EFD-Contributions, EFD-ICMS / IPI, Accounting ECD, F-CONT, ECF and e-LALUR, e-Social, DIPJ, DCTF, GIA, SINTEGRA, and others)
  • Elaboration and delivery of the application for compensation or refund of tax (PER/DCOMP)
  • Monitoring and conducting the tax return and compensation process (PER/DCOMP)
  • Consultation of tax rates by NCM
  • Regularization of Federal, State and Municipal debts for issue the Negative Debt Certificate
  • Tax Planning
  • SISCOSERV: Registration of operations performed between residents in Brazil and abroad.
  • SISCOSERV: Training, in company, on the process and standards of SISCOSERV.
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